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Who's that Face?
Welcome to Who's that Face?
Using the principles of Human Heredity in family photograph identification while building the largest reference guide photograph collection of the following types of images: Ambrotypes, Daguerreotypes, Carte de Visites (CDVs), Cabinet cards, etc., one picture at a time.

By becoming a member, you will be able to access the collection of reference guide photographs allowing you, the researcher, to view individuals with the same Surname in order to see the genetic traits of that family name.  For example, if you have a photograph of a great-grandparent, who you believe to be your great-grandfather Amos Smith, you will be able to compare his image with images from the collection of individuals with the last name of Smith and see if any of the genetic traits are similar.  If any of the genetic traits are similar, then you can make a reasonable conclusion that your image is of your great-grandfather Amos Smith.
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